We curate a unique mix of distinguished, experienced coaches who help startups with business growth in key strategic areas, and we facilitate immersive enterprise learning programs for corporate teams wanting to evolve and accelerate their ideation and innovation efforts.

Designed to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the super-region, Grit Studios is committed to catalyzing innovation through strategic resourcing, strengthening community connections, co-creating pathways for impact and expanding access to thought leaders in its coworking space.

Entrepreneurs, startup founders and enterprises have the community resources, network connections, access to professional development and mentorship, high-quality talent, ongoing scaling support and capital they need to not only attain success but also to sustain smart growth, ideation and innovation.

We endeavor to play a significant role in helping the next five to ten 20-million-dollar companies thrive in Northwest Arkansas while strengthening a collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem through strategic partnerships.

Team Members