Focusing on qualified, high-impact entrepreneurs, Grit Studios provides access to investors, subject matter experts, executive coaches, and potential clients/customers.

The resources we cultivate include the following:

  • Network of qualified professionals and successful entrepreneurs
  • Programming to broaden professional capabilities of our Grit Studios Members
  • Event and shared workspace that enables Grit Studios to contribute to the entrepreneurial culture in Northwest Arkansas and to provide soft landings for later-stage growth companies relocating to the region

Grit Studios facilitates access and high-quality connections to people with ideas, talent, knowledge, capital and opportunities by breaking down traditional hierarchies and spanning social boundaries.

Grit Studios provides startup advisory services, as well as entrepreneurial education and professional development programs, that promote innovation.

Grit Studios curates a unique mix of distinguished advisors and coaches who help later-stage startups with business growth in key strategic areas, and we facilitate immersive programs to accelerate their ideation and innovation efforts.