01.24.2017 | Register to Attend Our Inaugural #GRITTALKS at The Record

We are so excited to announce our inaugural #GRITTALKS, which are made possible through a collaboration with Walmart and The Record in downtown Bentonville. Register now or below.

GRITTALK #1: Tanmay Bakshi – 13yo Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor
“The Future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”

Tanmay Bakshi, 13 years old, is a software/cognitive developer, author, keynote speaker, algorith-ist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IMB Champion for Cloud and YouTuber at Tanmay Teaches. His titles go with his quest for learning and sharing his knowledge. Programming since the age of five, Tanmay had his first iOS app, tTables, accepted when he was nine years old. Since then, he has created apps, such as the youth-focused, “I Can, We Can!” app, and tID Vault, along with tGuess, a number guessing game for Apple Watch and iPhone. He flies and controls drones using his IoT, Node.JS, and Twilio skills, just to name a few. His YouTube Series “Tanmay Teaches: Watson” made him the youngest IBM Watson Developer.

GRITTALK #2: Alicia Lyttle – Philanthrapreneur Teacher Harnessing Power of the Internet
“A Conversation with Philanthrapreneur Alicia Lyttle”

Alicia Lyttle is the CEO of Internet Income Jamaica, a training company that teaches people how to leverage the power of the Internet. She is also the CEO of Pow Social, Jamaica’s leading digital marketing agency. Before jumping into entrepreneurship in the year 2000, Alicia worked at some notable organizations, including The White House, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and The City of New Orleans in the Mayor’s Office. Along with her sister Lorette, Alicia’s passion is to teach people in developing countries how to create their own opportunities online, which is what she calls “the cure for unemployment.”

And look forward to learning more about Grit Studios + big announcement!


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