Trust is THE most critical need for any leader. If you’re not trusted, people simply will not follow you.

What is trust, and how do you get it? According to Charles Green of Trusted Advisor Associates, LLC, trust is the interaction of four personal qualities—your credibility, your reliability, your intimacy and your self-orientation.

He uses the equation below to “score” trust levels:

If people believe in your skills and experiences to perform your job; if they believe you’ll do what you say you’ll do; and if they believe they are safe to share their thoughts and ideas with you, you have a strong foundation to earn the trust of your team.  However, if they believe your motivations are focused more on yourself and less on them, you lose trust rapidly.

My lowest score is in “intimacy.” I’m working on being more empathetic, being more open to feedback, and for me, treating silence as my friend.

As my executive coach, Judy Campbell, tells me: “You don’t always have to be the smartest guy in the room.” 🙂

So, what behaviors are you working on to earn deeper trust from those around you?